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Report of IONFAAA 2016
Call for Papers
Call for Papers

The think tank of the Permanent Secretariat of the ICONFAAA (Every year in a country) was initiation with the supervision of Dr. Mostafa Alibeigi and the hard effort of the selected intellectual young people. And success to this matter without scientific, intellectual and financial partnership was inevitable.
The 1st international conference on Architecture, Arts and Applications (ICONFAAA 2016) with its main approach to new technologies by the supervision of MPRH Institute, Research Institute of Culture, Art and Architecture of ACECR and Daneshpajoohan PishroHigher Education Institute, on Dec 15 and 16, 2016 at the Conference hall of the Research Institute of Culture, Arts and Architecture of Tehran was held.

The Second International Conference on Architecture, Arts and Applications (IONFAAA 2017) held by MPRH Institute,Iran, School of Architecture and Urban Planning at Iran University of Science and Technology, HSE Graduate School of Urbanism, GITR film and television school, Institute of Scientific Information on Social Sciences (INION RAS) in Russia.