Organizing Committee

کمیته برگزاری و سیاستگذاری


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Dr. Mostafa Alibeigi
Chancellor of Conference,
Chairman of MPRH Institute, Iran,

Liaison Officer of Bharath University, India,
H. Member of Russian Academy of Arts, Russia,
Editor-in-chief, Sceince Publushing Group,
International Journal of Architecture, Arts and Applications (Ijaaa).


Dr. Mehdi Khakzand

Scientific Chair of Conference

Deputy of Dean for Research Affairs, School of Architecture and Environmental Design, Iran University of Science and technology


Dr. Olga Lavrenova,
Scientific Chair of Conference,
INION RAS (Russia).


Dr. S. Praveen Kumar
Interntional Program Chair, Director MBA,
Bharath University, India.


Dr. R. Gokulchander
Director Placement, Bharath University, India 


 Eng. Elahe Abdous

Administrative Manager MPRH Institute, Iran.


Dr. Manfredo Manfredini
Director (International Engagement) Senior Lecturer School of Architecture and Planning
The University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand.


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Eng. Ahmadreza Kazemi
Public Relations Chair of Conference, Iran.


Dr. Giuseppe Resta( IT)
Observatory of the Mediterranean Basin, POLIS University (Tirana, AL)
Politecnico di Bari (Bari, ITA).


Dr. Mahnaz Akbari,
IAUniversity, Iran.


Dr. Reza Keshavarznorozpour
Department of Architecture, Science and Research Branch, IAU, Iran.