Conference Main Topics

Conference Main Topics


  • Arts and Urban Culture
  • Art and Modernity
  • Iranian-Islamic Art
  • Conception of Space in Visual Arts
  • Architecture and Landscape in Visual Arts


Architecture and Urbanism

  • Architecture, Design and Urban Planning
  • Sustainability and Architecture
  • Iranian-Islamic Architecture
  • Semiotic of space in Architecture


Industrial Design 

  • Industrial Design Methodology
  • New technologies in Design
  • Cultural design
  • Product Design for Vulnerable groups
  • Social context in Industrial Design
  • Ergonomics & safe product design
  • Aesthetics in Industrial Design
  • Industrial Design and Sustainability
  • The role of Industrial Design in Economics and Marketing
  • Service Design and Industrial Design
  • Emotional Design
  • Industrial Design and Environmental Design


Art and Architecture Applications in other Sciences

  • Environmental Psychology and Ecology
  • Mathematics, Art and Architecture
  • Sociology, Art and Architecture
  • History, Art and Architecture
  • Art, Architecture and Semiotic of Cultural Landscape
  • Art, Architecture and the Problems of Heterotopy